In a world that is moving ever faster, it is essential to be able to stop in time...

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Braking system for
agricultural vehicles

Braking system for
road trains and trailers

Hydropneumatic valves and kits
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About us

Since 1934, BEKA St-Aubin SA has been designing, developing and producing braking systems for agricultural vehicles, road trains and trailers so that they can stop in any circumstances, with the highest possible levels of efficiency and safety.

Located in one of the cradles of high-precision technology, BEKA puts its expertise at your service and has already won over the largest manufacturers.

BEKA is strongly established in the light road train market. It exclusively offers high- performance brake kits, and is a leader in Switzerland and Europe, where the majority of vehicles are equipped with its pneumatic braking system..

Through its experience and mastery of the latest technologies, Beka provides innovative products and systems to the agricultural and commercial vehicle market.

BEKA, the mastery of the pneumatic braking system

Thanks to its own manufactured high-performance components, BEKA can find a solution adapted to any type of pneumatic braking systems. The company is at the forefront in the development of brake kits and hydropneumatic valves.
The consistency of our product presents a decisive advantage. It is also one of the most efficient in terms of response time and one of the fastest and most reliable pressure transmitters with low hysteresis.