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With over 70 years of expertise and a mastery of the latest technologies, Beka St-Aubin SA is an indispensable partner for your braking system requirements.



Changes in the power of tractor units and the loads transported on trailers are increasing the importance of braking harmonisation in road train compositions. In fact, the delay in braking between a tractor unit and its trailers is a common problem. On slippery surfaces, for example, which require greater dexterity in any case, there is an even greater risk of losing control of the road train.


BEKA’s great strength is that its system provides the optimum solution to issues of compatibility between braking systems and in the synchronisation of their response times. The BEKA trailer command valve is the key element in our braking system.


Our braking system provides unequalled control over the

braking behaviour of your tractor/trailer combination.

The valve which translates your braking request via the brake pedal into a pneumatic braking command to the trailer induces an almost instantaneous reaction with low hysteresis.